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Make up Tip
03-31-2013, 06:45 PM
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Summer eyes

Get the perfect summer eye look with purple and rose gold shadows and a swipe of mascara.

[Image: b0301032e55e4e5da5ae3ddf489f1ce0.600x]

Dramatic eyes

Get this dramatic and daring eye look with these easy steps rom primer to liner!

[Image: 100808da505080d0a109a70e7fe60436.600x]

Line the crease

Use eyeliner to contour your eyelid crease for a strong matte eye makeup look!

[Image: 23a6d8daa8afeef3fc4c0c2449fb3d2c.600x]

Metallic liner

Get a sultry look for a night out with metallic liner and gold tone shadow.

[Image: 0be6ca4d1fad8fb390954fc7da64a155.600x]

Lilac eyeliner

The trick to using a lilac or lavender eyeliner is to line and smudge so it brightens your eye!

[Image: 0fb4d4877f4239e141e0ec9e7cb20443.600x]

Brightening the eyes

A trick to brighten the eyes is to highlight what's under them!

[Image: b0b499e60ea34f02a760c8e4619f6cc0.600x]

Whimsical eyes

For a romantic date out, get this whimsical look with cream shadow and some makeup glitter!

[Image: c665175b4e8f3ab533ffd1fa5ef91758.600x]

Rose gold look

Get the famous Jessica Alba look by combining gold cream eyeshadow and pink powder eyeshadow.

[Image: 31e8d76cdb2cbdac6a359f9d6d2304b6.600x]

Perfect brows

Get the perfectly filled in and darkened eyebrows to go with your pretty eye makeup!

[Image: 54c62a5d2998ac56d2d7f01352389301.600x]

Glittery eyes

Get some glitter to brighten your eyes for a wild night out using these steps.

[Image: 452065b9c01d8e514ea5ec1877a77e6c.600x]

Incognito eye liner

Follow these easy steps to get that celebrity look for a chic and elegant night out.

[Image: 91d483dfa36280900f72b2a10990195f.600x]

Black diamonds

Get studded eye makeup like on the runways with this nifty little trick that uses rhinestones and lash glue!

[Image: 2e0f4579444c1239eafea644faf1beca.600x]

Winged eye liner

With a bit of scotch tape, you can achieve that perfect winged eye look!

[Image: a6b278ce53bdda5af47dba2b7c59a3db.600x]

No mascara clumps

Key to a good eye look is clump-free lashes! Wipe the mascara wand on tissue first before applying!

[Image: c88915a5cd7f2b429b76b2b9387c9068.600x]

Scalloped eyeliner

An index card, pen, small scissors, liquid eyeliner, and a q-tip are all you need to get this creative look.

[Image: 563bd21065a635b63c39fc96181d9f08.600x]

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